Prices are calculated on the basis of the information provided by the instructing party, considering, inter alia, the services to be provided, the nature, the weight, and the volume of the goods to be carried and routes to be used. Quotations are prepared based on currency rates at the time when said quotations are given.. They are also based on the terms and prices of substituted parties and on applicable laws, regulations and international conventions in effect. Should one or more of the above base items be modified after the quotation is provided, including by the T.L.O’s substituted parties, prices given initially shall be changed on the same terms.
The same shall apply for any unforeseen event, whatever it may be, leading to a change in any part of the service. Prices do not include duties, taxes, fees and taxation owed in pursuance of any tax or customs or other regulations (such as excise, entry duties, etc.).

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