The purpose of these terms is to set forth the terms of performance by a “Transport and/or Logistics Operator”, in any capacity (freight forwarder, warehouse keeper, agent, handler, accredited or non-accredited customs broker, forwarding agent, carrier, etc.), of services and activities pertaining to the physical movement of shipments and/or to the management of flows of goods, whether packed or not, of all kinds, of all origins, to all destinations, in exchange for a freely agreed price ensuring fair compensation for the services performed, both domestically and internationally.
Any undertaking or transaction with “the Transport and/or Logistics Operator” constitutes unreserved acceptance by the instructing party of the terms set forth below.
Whatever the carriage method used, these terms shall govern the relationship between the instructing party and “the Transport and/or Logistics Operator”.
“The Transport and/or Logistics Operator” performs the requested services according to the terms specified, inter alia, in Article 7 below.
No specific term or other general term of the instructing party shall prevail over these terms, unless as otherwise formally accepted by the “Transport and/or Logistics Operator”.

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